Friday, January 2, 2009

Today's Progess

Today's work: ripping up the old floor. It went faster than I could have imagined!

So, it's finished just after noon! Bob is painting some kind of latex tile 'enhancer' that needs to dry for 90 minutes before we can start laying the new tiles!


Jennifer said...

I know you'll love it when it's all through - it's the pain of going through it that must be endured! Great work!

OzWeaver said...

Yes, I know I have to put everything back in order when it's all done, but it will be such a great working space! I am feeling motivated to tackle it!

SpinningLizzy said...

What amazing work of the basement your husband is doing! And with the mould removed, you'll be able to weave longer and healthier.

I found you through your loom reviews on Ravelry -- you have an quite the assortment of looms! I look forward to going back through your older posts to look at the lovely work you've done!

Happy New Year!

OzWeaver said...

Thanks for you comments, Lizzie!