Monday, January 26, 2009


Just some things I've been puttering with, having fun, when I don't face the more serious tasks at hand (like tapestry!)....

This is the original 'Carriage Driver's glove' from the Shetland Museum photo archives, which is worth all the words in the directions that don't tell you why you are turning the hand inside out to cast-on along the original cast-on edge to begin knitting the other direction! Turns out they are gloves with fingerless mitts attached to give an extra layer of warmth, or to give a little extra protection from horse reins...or something. Anyway, I could not figure out why I was casting on to the wrist edge of my glove and knitting the other direction. I've decided I don't want double layer gloves anyway, so I've just gone on to the fingers! One done!

This little pearl bracelet was the outcome of my January local guild meeting. It's a technique called 'right angle weave' and very quick to do with large pearls. It used most of one strand of pearls and was done in less than two hours! I wore it the next day! Total instant gratification!


Sue said...

I was just a few posts back "visiting" your studio. Do I see a Toika loom in there??

I just bought a used I'm keenly interested in finding other Toika owners! We're doing some refurbishing on mine at the moment.

OK, here I go using any excuse to talk about my new loom!

OzWeaver said...


My Toika is rather new to me as well (about 2 years in my house), and it came from a very dear friend's house.
They are great looms!