Thursday, July 16, 2009

Summer Scenes

Gardening, sailing, knitting, weaving, beautiful weather!  I’ve even managed to spin a little.  It is a lovely summer!

July 2009 008

Sailing on the Mystic River during the Wooden Boat Show.




July 2009 033

July 2009 034
Alpaca and fiber at the Casey Farm market in Kingston, RI

July 2009 043

July 2009 050 July 4th on board a friend’s boat for the fireworks.  We had our own bagpiper!  Next morning this little sparrow sang to use from our stern lifeline.

July 2009 054

July 2009 065 The Spring ‘09 GoddessKnits Mystery shawl blocked and finished!  I’m taking it to the MAFA (Mid-Atlantic Fiber Assoc) Conference later this month.

July 2009 121

July 2009 126

A window box at Mystic Seapot and my dream house and garden in Watch Hill, RI

July 2009 129

July 2009 134

July 2009 160

July 2009 139 My next lace project from Renaissance Dyes. A farm in RI where llamas are used as guard dogs for the flock.

July 2009 075

July 2009 168 Nappatree Beach in Watch Hill, RI

July 2009 058

July 2009 059 Fringed poppy in my garden at home…. a braid made for a friend…..and lastly, the slow but steady progress on my latest tapestry….

Hudson River tapestry 7.09

I’m off for another long weekend sailing in Rhode Island.  I hope to visit the alpaca farm I mentioned at the beginning and also, hopefully, a couple of RI weavers!