Tuesday, January 29, 2008


Bad news in my inbox today. I cannot get any more yarn to finish my Muir shawl. Drat, drat, drat! I'm about halfway through the shawl, using a beautiful silk yarn from ArtFibers called Alfabeto in a somewhat strange space dyed colorway. The color has gradually grown on me. I don't know why I thought I had enough of this yarn....
perhaps it was that the yarn had no ball band so over time I only imagined it was enough for a whole shawl? This shawl was to be for a friend. I need to think if there is any way to salvage what I have and somehow complete it.

This situation does NOT improve my mood. I've just spent some time looking at blogs of two people whose work inspires me. I was looking for a bit of cheering up and inspiration, and I got both....until that email arrived about the yarn.

I need to find a way to make lemonade out of this, but my mind is a blank..... knitting has not gone well for me lately!

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Winter Blues


My son noticed this saying posted on the wall of the little hamburger place where we ate before the opera last week. At the time I thought it was a little overstated. Surely every day is not a struggle. But now as this I begin to tire of winter so early in the season this year, I imagine that each day is going to be harder and longer on the slow road to April!

I've already got a pretty bad case of the winter blues and it's only mid-January. Yikes! I've got a long way to go.... So, look at these colors! The hot red and yellow, the soothing white and purple.  I think it was May last year when we visited Longwood Gardens. I'm trying to remember how it smelled on that glorious day in May.

Now would be a good time for spinning. I've got a rather imposing project going on my spinning wheel, something I admit I'm avoiding right now. But my lovely Steve spindle might be just the thing to cheer me! The fiber I haven't finished spinning is a combination of merino and silk. It's a very pretty grey/green with white silk streaks. And the finished yarn would make a wonderful lace shawl.

I have borrowed my son's monitor for the past couple of weeks since mine died. He is going to pack his up and take it back to school today, so I will be visually impaired until mine returns from being fixed. So.....I won't be here, and hopefully I'll be spinning....

Thursday, January 10, 2008

New Year

It's been ages since I sat at a loom, either my tapestry looms or my "regular" looms. I'm getting a bit frustrated about that! I haven't even managed to get much knitting done this holiday season, except to finally sew together my Hild sweater, which I wore to the opera on Monday, when I saw "DieWalkyrie" at the Met with Lorin Maazel conducting.

My younger son has certainly been creative during his time off this month. This is a drawing he did for his dad for Christmas. It's a traditional boat called a Friendship sloop, for Friendship, Maine, where they were built. I had envisioned us doing some drawing together, but it still hasn't happened. I could sure use a dose of his creativity! He leaves on Sunday to return to school.