Monday, October 20, 2008


This year I spent two days at Rhinebeck, quite a luxury! The first day I shopped like a fiend, and the second day I enjoyed the events, like sheep dog trials, the sheep to shawl, the vendors selling local cheeses and wines. The highlight for me was the sheep to shawl:

Second to the sheep to shawl would be the sheep dog events, like the trials and the frisbee events! Those dogs are fast and smart!

Isn't this a great hooked rug? Definitely worthy of a blue ribbon!

alpacas, and a suri alpaca!

Vendors: I loved Gita Maria, who was new to the show this year! She makes wonderful cloissone buttons and jewelry. I bought three pendants which I hope to use as zipper pulls on sweaters and vests. One will go on my Arwen Cardigan (sans hood) which I will write about momentarily, and one is for my teal green handspun wool/mohair vest which is still a changing design in my mind. The third pendant I just had to have, and maybe it will actually become a necklace!

Yarns International had an amazing display of Fair Isle sweaters. I was truly mesmerized and couldn't leave their booth, even though I was in no position to make a decision on buying a sweater kit at that moment. I have too many things in queue, several which have deadlines in the next several months....but it was so hard to tear myself away. I ended up in that booth again on Sunday, struggling to tear myself away again!

Homestead Heirlooms makes their own leather handles for purses and bags, in lots of colors and styles. Their booth was full of knitted, felted bags that showed the handles to great advantage! This was another booth in which I could have bought everything! They are the answer to my unfulfilled dream of making woven purses, like I've admired at Avoca (from Ireland) in Annapolis. I can't wait to do something toward this! Meanwhile, I bought a pair of bright fuscia handles to knit a small felted bag for a friend for Christmas!

There were several booths with natural dyed yarns, but the one that appealed most to me was a woman from Waldoboro, Maine, named Jody McKenzie (yes, I did a double take, reading her name as Judith!). Botanical Shades is the name of her company, and she does beautiful hand painted yarns in natural colors as well lovely solids. I have a very tempting dream now of visiting her next summer for a day of dyeing under her tutelage when we are sailing in Maine. I hope it happens!

I bought a Golding spindle, some lovely autumn colored 50/50 alpaca/silk top, some Icelandic lamb roving, and several books. When I arrived at 10am on Saturday, I went straight to The Fold's booth only to discover that the line for their sock yarn was already winding around the corner and serpentining through all the open space in the main aisle! I wanted a spindle, and since they hadn't brought any this year, I could walk away! Whew!

The other highlight of the weekend for me was having people compliment my newly finished Icelandic Lace Shawl On Sunday, I heard someone yell, "Hey! Icelandic lace shawl woman!" And I turned to find a woman trying to catch up with me. She was from Viriginia, and she pulled out her partially finished shawl so we could both 'ooooo and aawww!'
(why is this photo coming out's not this way in my files)
I should mention it seemed to me every one in three women was wearing 'Clapotis.' Looked positively lovely on some people and awful on others. It was nothing to do with the knitting....I guess that design is really meant for the svelte, so perhaps I will shelve my plans to knit it!

Lastly, I returned home Sunday evening to discover that one of my favorite scarves had sold in my etsy shop! It's been a wonderful weekend!