Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tapestry in the Depths of Winter

A friend of mine pointed out to me today that I have not posted a photo of my finished “Medieval Spinner.”  I was certain I had….

So here she is….The Flax Spinner

Actually, I haven’t spent any time weaving tapestry for the past couple of months.  I have been decidedly ‘under the weather.’ 

Today I had to miss my class with Archie and Susan due having quite a bad cough left over from my recent bout with the flu.






pears tapestry jan 2011 001

So I spent some time working on an unfinished tapestry and making plans for my next tapestry warp.

I have to admit I am pretty intimidated by my never-used Shannock loom.  The heddles need to be re-made, and I’m not sure I can figure that out.  I know I can use the loom without the heddles, but….



If I can conquer my fears, maybe I can get the full sized Medieval spinner warped this weekend.

pears tapestry jan 2011 002


Can you see her? I can just barely see her if I ‘bigify.’