Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Tapestry in the Depths of Winter

A friend of mine pointed out to me today that I have not posted a photo of my finished “Medieval Spinner.”  I was certain I had….

So here she is….The Flax Spinner

Actually, I haven’t spent any time weaving tapestry for the past couple of months.  I have been decidedly ‘under the weather.’ 

Today I had to miss my class with Archie and Susan due having quite a bad cough left over from my recent bout with the flu.






pears tapestry jan 2011 001

So I spent some time working on an unfinished tapestry and making plans for my next tapestry warp.

I have to admit I am pretty intimidated by my never-used Shannock loom.  The heddles need to be re-made, and I’m not sure I can figure that out.  I know I can use the loom without the heddles, but….



If I can conquer my fears, maybe I can get the full sized Medieval spinner warped this weekend.

pears tapestry jan 2011 002


Can you see her? I can just barely see her if I ‘bigify.’


Jan said...

Ah, the Shannock....I like what Lyn Hart did with hers, and I plan to do the same. She used Texsolv heddles. Check it out on her blog, it's Desert Song, if you don't know it, there's a link on my blog.

K Spoering said...

She's lovely! I can hardly wait to see the large one. How big is your Shannock? And what are the sizes of this tapestry and the one to come?

OzWeaver said...


Texsolv heddles for the Shannock! What an awesome idea! Thank you pointing me in this direction! I'm on it!


Thank you! The little study is 8" x 6", and full size piece of most of her body plus background will be 24" x 24"...but big, but about as big as I've ever worked.

Anonymous said...

Oh dear, I'm sorry you've not been well. I hope you've been getting plenty of TLC (and some of that hot chocolate from December, if there is any left...)