Wednesday, October 27, 2010


I certainly didn't mean to take a two-month hiatus from blogging, but that's what happened.  My ancient desktop computer has given up its spirit, and I've been using a couple of hand-me-down laptops with software that was not compatible or conducive to posting here.  I've missed posting...

Work on the Archie Brennan Project has continued even though I have not been able to post updates over at that website either.  Things are going well, but I've had no way to share info!

It's glorious autumn here in NJ, and I've got a busy schedule of weaving.  It's been great to reconnect with my community of weaving friends after being away so long this summer… seeing the Wednesday Group again, seeing Susan and Archie's tremendous body of work on display at GAGA in Garnerville, starting a couple of new classes, and reconnecting with my weaving guild and knitting group!  I am taking a bobbin lace class each week, and once a month I travel up to Carmel to learn the techniques of making a Nantucket lightship basket.  All good!

Tapestry bobbins John Moss

These are tapestry bobbins I ordered from John Moss last June that were shipped to Archie and Susan in NY, so I couldn’t get them until returning from sailing!  Aren’t they beautiful? John does wonderful work.  The two outside bobbins are figured maple.  Can you see the iridescence in the grain?  The second on the left is Osage Orange and the third is Jatoba, also called Brazilian Cherry. It’s wonderful to use beautiful, well made tools!

Rob and Lauren placemats

Rob and Lauren’s placemats.  This is a monk’s belt design from Jean Scorgie’s magazine “Weaver’s Craft” which was a proejct for a small woven handbag.  I did these in 16/2 black cotton with wetspun 8/1 linen for the pattern weft.  The colors are all beachy blues and greens, and there are two of each colorway for a total of eight.  They celebrated their 2nd anniversary in August, which is the traditional ‘cotton’ anniversary.  The warp and tabby weft are cotton, but I couldn’t resist using the lustrous wetspun linen for the pattern!