Monday, December 27, 2010

Peace on Earth, Good Will to All

Christmas cup of cocoa

What an amazing holiday season!  On the first day of Hanukkah we had a torrential rain storm that ended shortly before sundown with a double rainbow.  A new meaning for Festival of Light!

On the winter solstice we were treated to a full moon with a total eclipse, and in my little part of the world the skies were clear for viewing it!

Christmas arrived quietly but deluged us with snow the next morning.  It’s a winter wonderland!

I wish you warmth and safety, and a hot cup of cocoa! This particular cup of cocoa was captured by my son, who made it, photographed it, then drank it…on Christmas morning.

May the year ahead be rich with blessings….

Monday, December 20, 2010

Crazy for Monk’s Belt

Rob and Lauren placemats

Remember these?  They came off the loom in September, and I gave them to my older son and his wife for their 2nd anniversary, which is cotton.


The pattern for this Monk’s Belt project came from the Spring 2004 issue of Jean Scorgie’s “Weaver’s Craft.”  She used soft blue/greens to make a small purse for the project, and I saw them as place mats at a friend’s house.  I did mine with a cotton warp and tabby weft and tow linen in the beachy blues from my kids’ dining room. 

Monk's Belt 003 I guess I wasn’t quite done playing with this fun version of Monk’s Belt.  I set up my Baby Wolf with the same pattern for a demonstration recently.  I used 8/2 unmercerized cotton for the warp and the same single tow linen as the place mats, only in different colors, for the weft. I used reds and purples to coordinate with the cranberry Christmas decorations in the show house where I demonstrated. I have quite a collection of linens since I’m completely smitten it! I made three kitchen towels, treadling the traditional little flower motif at each end of the towels, then went back to the treadling from “Weaver’s Craft” for the last bit of warp, which is the cloth on the left, above.  A good friend suggested making the little scrap into a small shoulder bag, like the purse in the original magazine project!  I plan to do it.  I just need to find an interesting lining fabric first!

And still I am not done playing with this pattern!Monk's Belt 005

These are on the Toika now.  The warp is 16/2 linen with tow linen for the pattern weft.  They are for my younger son, and I hope the colors will go well in his apartment. 

I admit that the weaving has gotten a little boring, but I do love the outcome so I’m sticking with it!  I’ve listened to some wonderful books while weaving these projects…

…starting with Figures in Silk this summer, then parts of The Girl Who… books when I was home in between sailing (you know, The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire,  The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest). Then came the Tracy Chevalier story, Remarkable Creatures.  Now I’m listening to Cutting for Stone which is so engrossing and beautifully written (and read) that I hardly know I’m weaving! 

At least two of these placemats must be cut off, washed, hemmed and wrapped so that they can be under the tree on Christmas Eve!  I’d better get cracking!

Lastly a couple of shots of Monk’s Belt projects from the past that always come out around this time of year.

Monk's Belt 006

My kitchen window valances that always get hung for the winter…




and …


a table runner




I guess I do have a big soft spot for Monk’s Belt…