Wednesday, January 21, 2009

The Long Haul

Well, the long haul of winter starts now for me. It's time to take down the holiday decorations, which actually should have been done already....
I finished these mitts some time ago, but never photographed them. I've enjoyed driving with them on since they allow me to deal with delicate operations like answering my hands-free or digging in my purse for a lipstick!

Here is little Zoe's cap. I wanted to make a bonnet for her (she is the baby of my younger son's long time friend), but decided on this little cap with ear flaps. The yarn is mostly angora, and the colors are fun! I'll deliver it to Chris tomorrow, and he'll give it to her over the weekend.

One of my birthday presents was a kit for these gloves called "Carriage Driver Gloves" from the Shetland Textile Collection. So far they are fun to knit, perhaps addictive is more accurate! I wonder if I'll still say that when I'm doing the fingers. They are my first attempt at gloves. Thank you, Lesley!

I ordered seeds yesterday. That too, should have been done already. I've given up on veggies in the garden due to a family of groundhogs that has lived under my front porch for several years now. In fact, I'm starting to give up on numerous flowers as well. We used to live in harmony with the groundhogs, deer, and rabbits, but the past two summers they have taken more than I was willing to share. It's becoming a drag... Anyway, this year, I plan to grow a few veggies in pots in the greenhouse. It has a shade cloth and evaporative cooler in the summer, so I will give lettuce, tomatoes and ancho peppers a try.

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Jane said...

ooooh --- ahhhhh---- those gloves! I can see why you would not want to put them down. I love complex knitting designs, keeps me from becoming bored. :)

We too, suffer from marauding critters -- so no veggie gardens for us. We do have a lovely rose garden, and other assorted flowers that seem to somehow make it from year to year without too many being eaten. The deer use my neighbor's tulips for lolipops.

Containers are the way to go, I agree and may follow your lead and put some out on my upper deck this year. I miss fresh, sunshine tasting tomatoes -- *sigh*.

Enjoy your gorgeous studio. Can't wait to see what appears next!