Sunday, January 4, 2009

Last day of Holiday

While all the previous days have gone so smoothly, with so much accomplished, today everything seemed to go wrong! It was one thing after another. First, Bob didn't have his wallet when he got through buying miles of 1/4 round and kick plate trim for the walls and floor. Then on his second trip, when he actually paid and took all that molding, it fell out of the car and was broken up all over the road! He scrambled to get it all back in the car before anyone came along to run over it, and I had the exciting job of finding all the matching pieces when he got home with his 'road kill.' Then, the rubberized kick plate that he bought for the base of the walls would not stick, not even with glue! It kept falling off the walls into a heap on the floor.

He returned the defective kick plate and bought pre-primed wooden cove molding. He had to clean off all the glue from the previous attempt and put on the new. It was a frustrating and arduous day. Perhaps all this happened so he'd be happy to go back to work tomorrow!...

I had plans to get everything back in place during this week, but since we still need to paint I will have to find something else to do!
As of 6pm this evening, I have three looms back in place. I have a long way to go on getting things back, but for the moment I need to leave room for painting!

Here are my three resolutions for 2009:

1. To enjoy this room and spend a good deal of time working here! I know we won't live here too many more years, so I want to use it to the fullest!

2. To keep this workspace organized! Always a bit challenging for me!

3. This is the hardest of my resolutions! To use only stash this year and not buy any yarn or fiber. I'm going to need a lot of strength for this one. But I feel buried in my stash, and I'm stashing it all over the house since it doesn't fit in the two storage rooms off this studio. I bought all of it because it is so beautiful, so now the time has arrived to make use of it!

Wish me luck!


Jane said...

What a wonderful space, and excellent resolutions! The stash one is something I often say to myself -- and then reneg on time and again. Wishing you iron will for that one! :)

Loved the story of your husband's misadventure. Mine calls those "house hours" and "house bucks" -- it always takes at least 3X more time than he imagines, and at least 3X more dollars than he imagines. . .

Have a lovely 2009-- I'm off to explore the rest of your blog.

Weave on!

Dorothy said...

What an adventure - but this studio is looking good. I recognise the 3x as much / long rule - I think it's a general truth.

What a brave resolution to use only stash. I'm hoping to make a substantial dent in mine, but can't quite bring myself to the only use stash rule.

OzWeaver said...

What great phrases! 'House hours' and 'House bucks!' I'm going to remember those!

I think I'm going to be quite challenged to stick to my 'stash only' resolution since there are such wonderful temptations in the yarn world. But I did buy the yarns in my stash because they were also beautiful. Anything I'm no longer in love with will be donated somewhere this year. I hope to feel kilos lighter by next Dec!

sampling said...

I can relate to all your resolutions. It looks like a wonderful space. Enjoy!