Friday, January 30, 2009

By dribs and drabs

Slow progress on numerous things. I can never decide what to work on first....

You probably cannot imagine my excitement over weaving the first lens of Rob's sunglasses! I doubt you can even tell in this photo! Even looking at the real tapestry, my husband could not quite tell what it is, but I know turned out well.

And this little project is probably my favorite right now. Quite addicting....

Something doled out in miserly amounts is provided in “dribs and drabs.” A drib is a smaller relative of a dribble. Nobody seems to be sure what a drab is in this sense, except that it's a tiny bit larger than a drib.


Sue said...

I have trouble deciding what to work on first too!! I love starting projects, so for a long time I'd just work on things I loved til they got stuck. But that means I never finished anything....and had lots of stuck projects weighing me down.

Now I'm trying to have a better balance.

I haven't gone back through all of your blog, but I am trying to figure out these two tapestries.... any clues to help me?

Love the gloves! They tempt me to knit gloves too!!

OzWeaver said...


Are you questioning the two tapestries I have posted photos of in this entry? The first photo (the man in the boat) is my interpretation of an historical tapestry. It's a small detail in the upper left of a very large medieval tapestry that is in the "Devonshire Hunt" series. The original was woven at a very fine set and has much more detail. I am weaving at 8 epi and trying to convey the same information with less detail.

The other image is a photo I took of my older son a couple of years ago. He is looking at the sunset, and I loved the way the light is falling on his face. I had to enlarge the photo to 16 x 20 in order to get weave some of the details at 8 epi.

I hope that answers your question!

Thanks for your comments on balance. That's definitely something I need to keep my eye on. I often get out of balance when I am running away from things, and that's when starting new projects with no thought of how to proceed takes over!


Sue said...


Those were the two tapestries I was wondering thank you for filling in the details for me!!

I know almost nothing about tapestry - except that it's very cool - but both of these works seem amazing to me. Interesting that you can make a tapestry based on a photo. I have photos from a trip to Chile, and yarn I bought in Chile that I thought would make an excellent tapestry. Maybe I could do something with that.

See how I like to start projects? I have trouble with prioritizing all the things I want to do - all the books I want to read - all the foods I love to eat - all the trips I want to take - all the things I want to create. I have to balance the enthusiasm and inspiration of something new with the satisfaction of working through something to get things finished.

I'm working on finding the balance between not stifling the creativity involved in starting some new project, but not overwhelming myself with projects in progress.

One of these days I'm going to go back in time through the rest of your blog....the combo of tapestry and a Toika loom are really interesting to me!!!

Take care!

OzWeaver said...


Tapestry is definitely a strange medium....all plain weave, and so complex I know I'll never understand it! I wish I'd started earlier!

Thanks for commenting!