Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I started a lace panel for our half glass front door. We've had this front door for over 10 years now, and I have toyed with idea of knitting a lace panel for it and the two narrow side lights, and searched online for commercial lace panels to buy. When I'm out driving or traveling in other cities I'm always looking at houses with lace curtains, trying to find some inspiration.

This panel is "Rose Leaf" from Marianne Kinzel's First Book of Lace Knitting. I thought I was probably the first person in decades to tackle one of her patterns, but no! Ravelry has quite a few posts for finished items in this very pattern! I have company! And the fact that all those other knitters finished their projects gives me a lot of confidence! I want to be among those ranks!

I'm knitting the antimacassar chart for the settee, although I've enlarged the pattern to fit my door's window. The actual curtain panel in this pattern had too much plain knitting before the rose leaf design. If I'm worn out after the main window I'll do the side lights as described for windows, with all that plain knitting.

The yarn I'm using is DMC cotton cordonnet #40. It's the finest thread I've ever knitted. It's a good experience! Also, this thread is so tightly spun and hard it is making a very crisp fabric. That should work well. Now to keep up the knitting (finished all of part A and one repeat of part B, about 6" length in all)....


twoply said...

Not sure if this is an appropriate post, but is your loom still for sale??

OzWeaver said...

Not sure how to reach you! Yes, this loom is still for sale, as well as another floor loom of mine. This one is 4H Baby Wolf, by Schacht. The other looms is 4H folding Harrisville.