Saturday, April 25, 2009

Signs of Spring

I am in the middle of another post that just doesn’t want close, or be completed.  So I’ll move on and hope to come back to it this week.

Here are photos of the lovely garden just outside Archie and Susan’s apartment building in Inwood.  I took this while walking toward my car on 4.08.Easter 2009 002

Easter 2009 003

A little bit of wonder in the middle of a busy city…called “Alexander’s Garden.”

And in my travels this week:April 2009 010 

April 2009 017





Woohoo!  A pink stretch Mini!

I’ve been catering to a painful back all week, getting better but still unable to do anything too demanding. But I did go into the city last night with my husband, where we met our younger son to see one of the TriBeca film festival movies, “Eclipse.”  It was terrific!   The music was especially wonderful, and I’m bummed today that I cannot find anyplace to buy Fionnuala Ni Chiosain’s music.  Worse, I’ve been reading about both Conor McPherson and Fionnuala Ni Chiosain, who are married, and both are so multi-talented that I just want to go crawl in a dark hole and lick my sorry, untalented wounds.  He is a playwright, director, songwriter, and she is a painter (with work in the Irish Museum of Modern Art), violinist, and composer.  The music in this movie is just wonderful, especially the choral works that evoke a requiem mass. 

Our seats were two rows directly behind the actors (Ciaran Hinds and Aidan Quinn), the director Conor McPherson, and Liam Neesam who must’ve joined them as a supportive Irish friend.  It was pretty awesome to be so near them and to realize that we were the first audience to see this film!

And last of all, a visitor to my garden this week:

april 2009 turkey 011


K Spoering said...

Wow, Brenda, that sounds like an exciting evening! And that turkey is the 'prettiest' turkey I've ever seen. The wild turkeys here in Colorado are quite ugly birds.

Life Looms Large said...

Lots of cool pictures in this post!

Turkeys, gardens, pink cars....all good!

Plus a very cool movie experience....if you were "brushed by fame" then all of your blog readers practically were too - or something!

Hope you're feeling all the way better as soon as you can be!!


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

And just what are those of us even less talented than you supposed to do?!? :-)

OzWeaver said...

Now, Michelle! No one can keep up with you and all you do! My head is always spinning with how much you have going and how you always find time to write and post photos! You make me feel like I'm on the slow track!

ybonesy said...

Gorgeous gobbler. We raise domestic heritage turkeys. They resemble quite a bit wild turkeys. Much different looking than the butterballs, eh?