Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sap is Rising…

…and I feel my creativity rising with it!

The rise in creative juices has led me to go exploring other people’s blogs, looking for what inspires them, how they communicate it, how they cope with the ebb and flow of creativity.

image_thumbThank you to Bonnie and Jennifer for the creative blogger award!  I’m thrilled that they noticed my blog!  Both of them do work that affects my internal spaces, and also makes me stop and analyze myself.  I look at Bonnie’s use of color with the eyes of a newborn, trying to soak up all her amazing knowledge of color and pattern.

The very first photo I saw on Jennifer’s blog made me realize I don’t actually have to hear music to have my internal spaces rearranged.  Just the photo of her harp in front of an empty chair, with all that potential for music  set my emotions in motion!  Her writings are sensitive, like harp music, and her wedge weave is wonderful….and rhythmic…

I’ve spent a couple of days nurturing my creativity by looking at other blogs: those recommended by others giving that award and those I’ve found while ‘googling.’  I am overcome!  Visiting these blogs has been an ‘artist date’ for me!

Weaving the Dream is a blog I stumbled on when googling.  There is a banner on her site that says, “Take a gentle step forward in your spiritual and creative journey.”  That’s just what I felt as I read through some of her posts. 

Magic Warp, by Steve Bremner.  The first post I read is about feeling that there is never enough time to weave.  That’s the very feeling that keeps me away from it.  That feeling is a real creativity killer, and is probably the biggest hurdle to any artisitic output.  It’s the devil.

(If you put your cursor over any of the names or blog names above you will see that they are live links.  I don’t know why they are not showing up as links without having the cursor on them. Most of this technology is a complete mystery to me!)

It’s amaryllis season at my house!March 09 002 March 09 001March 09 004

One more wonderful March surprise! A gift from my son’s friend, who thought I might enjoy tea from India.  He visited the estates where these teas were grown.


March 09 006


I wore these colorful socks yesterday, with an orange turtleneck, my denim shirt with the embroidered palm tree from convergence 2009 tampa fllast summer’s Convergence, and what else? Orange crocs!  It’s spring!


Peg in South Carolina said...

I really like Steve Bremner's blog. I wish he would start posting again!

Jennifer said...

I am humbled by your comments about my blog. Thank you!

I love Steve Bremner's blog also. It was great to see how he was starting out as I was starting out. I could relate.

Life Looms Large said...

Orange crocs!! It must be spring!!!

Blogs really are so fun and so inspiring!!