Thursday, April 30, 2009


Thirty days hath April: seize the day!
Don't trust to luck for darling buds in May.

A little quote from Philip Appleman’s “That Time of Year,” which I found on Kathy Spoering’s blog.  And so passes April…

Tomorrow begins the first weekend in May, and the annual Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival!  I actually thought I might have to skip it this year, but have managed a compromise where will I go down on Friday evening with a friend, and spend all day on Sat.  I have big hopes for meeting with Jody McKenzie to arrange some time to dye with her this summer when I’m in Maine!  Big hopes to find some madder plants (I so do not want to start from seed again!)! Big hopes to be inspired by fiber, yarn, drop spindles!

I’m blocking my “Clapotis” today and might take it with me since it’s supposed to be a little chilly and wet in the evenings.  (It’s not really mine to keep.  It will go to someone at some point, but I like ‘christening’ these knitted items by wrapping myself in them once!)Knitting Clapotis blocking 002
Last night I was in quite funk, doing chores and having a frustrating evening at home while my husband Bob was attending a second invitation to the TriBeca Film Festival.  This time spouses were not included.  This time there was a fancier reception beforehand, and a reception afterward.  There were gifts.  I was sulking…. then Bob returned home and gave me his bag of gifts:
2009 Tribeca Film Festival 002

Do you see that iPod shuffle lower center?  Can you imagine how amazed I was to find that???  Not sure I can fathom any company having the money to take a large group to the film festival, buy them dinner and dessert, and then give away all these great gifts: the tote bag is terrific on its own, so what a surprise to also find a picnic blanket (rolled up on the right), a bag of cosmetics, and a calendar commemorating the festival to go with the iPod!

Another lovely gift this morning! Garden 2009. rose breasted grosbeak 003  A rose-breasted grosbeak! Now I understand why I have such trouble getting things done!  I am always distracted!

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Life Looms Large said...

I've finally found time to catch up on some blogs, and I see you've been posting a lot lately!

Thanks for the poetry posts! I think they'll continue to inspire me.

I love the idea of christening an object you've made by wearing it or using it once. I may have to adopt that!

Hope you're having a great time with your friends, plus the sheep and the wool!!

That's a great gift bag!! Is the iPod shuffle yours now? For listening to weaving podcasts of course!

Maybe you're not distracted....just finding inspiration in many places. (Well, if chores are involved, then maybe it really is distraction!)

Take care!