Saturday, June 13, 2009

Tapestry: Ancient Art for Modern Times. The Wednesday Group in Medford, NJ

I haven’t been here for almost two weeks.  That sailing trip already seems like a distant memory (good thing!)….

Today the Wednesday Group had an opening reception for our current exhibition called “Tapestry: Ancient Art for Modern Times” at a gallery in Medford Leas, Medford, NJ. 

It was virtually a perfect event!  The gallery was a lovely venue for our work, the lecture hall was modern and comfortable, the crowd was positively large…how exciting for a tapestry exhibit!  Archie and Susan each gave a thoroughly compelling lecture, one on the history of tapestry worldwide and one on tapestry’s value today.


Diane Horowitz said... nice to see you at the the Tapestry Exhibit. I continue to be inspired by the works of The Wednesday Group. I posted a bit about the exhibit on my

Best Regards,

Life Looms Large said...

The exhibit looks great - as does your work in it!!

Thanks for the slide show! (It's weird how when I was watching I imagined each tapestry to be about the same size - but in the later slides it shows that some of the pieces are much larger than others.) Wish I could see it in person!


Sue said...

Lovely exhibit. Medford Leas is a lovely place. My Hubbie's x mother in law lived there for years and we visited her a couple of times

Alabama Sue

OzWeaver said...


I love the name Alabama Sue! It sounds so genteel and elegant!

In the late 70s until mid-80s my husband's two wonderful great aunts lived in Medford Leas. We visited them about once a month, and I thought the place was just perfect. Surprisingly, it is still! I would love to live there. One of the Wed. Group members lives there now and arranged for our exhibit there. The gallery and auditorium are quite modern and user-friendly.