Saturday, May 30, 2009

Final Sail

Today started as lovely as any day you can imagine.  The sun rose in a clear sky, there was only a gentle breeze, and we left the river on an ebbing tide to sail to Mystic, where we will leave the boat for the next two weeks.

Memorial day cruise 2009 171

This odd combination of attached cottages was Katherine Hepburn’s summer place. It sits at the mouth of the Connecticut River.


Our sails were set ‘wing and wing’ for the trip east. Unlike last Friday, when there was not a single other boat on the water with us, today there were plenty of sail boats and power boats out to enjoy a beautiful weekend.  There was a flotilla of fluffy cumulus cloud vessels in the blue sky, and the water beneath us was almost the color of the Caribbean.

Memorial day cruise 2009 177


House on “Little Dumpling” Island in Fisher Island Sound.

Memorial day cruise 2009 179





            Entering the Mystic River.

Bob’s big chore on arriving in the Mystic River was to find the sunken lines on a friend’s mooring which we could then use until our return.  Bob got in the dinghy with his grappling hook and began dragging the mooring field near our friend’s usual spot. Memorial day cruise 2009 193

Hours went by….Bob made a few phone calls to our friend in Florida who owns this mooring.  More hours went by.


Just before the sun sank behind the trees on shore, Bob finally had the mooring up in the dinghy….probably the worst mess I’ve ever seen.  There was still work to be done adding lines and a float, more work to be done cleaning the dinghy and  Bob.  We may have to throw away his clothes! It’s 8pm and we’ve had nothing to eat all day. Neither of us feels like going ashore for our last dinner as planned, and cooking at this hour will be Spartan at best.

Memorial day cruise 2009 200   Memorial day cruise 2009 201





Tomorrow will bring its own challenges as we struggle home with large duffle bags in a variety of transportation modes which will include a dinghy, two trains, and two cabs before we reach our car.  Is this the fun part?


Michelle at Boulderneigh said...

No, that definitely doesn't sound like the fun part.

Anonymous said...

just remember that it will add to your repertoire of tales of the sea that some day, you will find amusing. Don't ask how I know. Looks like overall, you had a very pleasant week on the water.

Sue S

OzWeaver said...


Well, of course I have to ask how you know this!

Life Looms Large said...

It's been fun following you in your journey!!

I especially like the lighthouse pictures. The architecture of the lighthouses in that area seems different from any I've seen - but I've mostly seen NH & Maine lighthouses - and some in North Carolina.

I wondered what would happen when you reached your you sail up the coast a ways, then get back home. Then go back and sail farther?

If that's how it works, when you're north of Boston, if we can help with transportation or dinner companionship, let me know!!! (No obligation to take me up on that offer of course....but Portsmouth is a pretty nice area....and it's right near me!)

Have fun!


Anonymous said...

looks like you have 2 Sue's visiting. I am living in Alabama and my experience is with lake sailing in North Alabama. If we ever get the opportunity, I need to tell you of a trek to take a Hunter 25 across the lake to get some work done on the hull. a broken main halyard, the failure of the outboard engine and the jib halyard and being towed by a pontoon boat made for a lively afternoon that turned my husband and I both gray headed.

Sue S

Anonymous said...

That must be the down side of sailing. What did you end up eating?

OzWeaver said...

Sue S,

That sounds like a harrowing experience! I try really hard not to have experiences like that. I'm totally a fair weather sailor, but the weather and the the equipment don't always cooperate!


OzWeaver said...

I don't remember what we ate (luckily!)...but I do remember that both of felt it was not worth the calories! Funny how quickly such things disappear from memory (and none too soon!)