Thursday, May 28, 2009

Greenport, NY

We are sort of stuck in Greenport, which is a lovely place to be so I’m not really complaining. I am complaining about the wicked East winds and nasty chop.  It’s too rough for either reading or knitting at this point, and it’s very risky business for me to get on and off the boat in these rough conditions! 

Memorial day cruise 2009 067 Greenport, which looks like a ghost town on this last week in May.  Merchants have told us that Memorial weekend was ‘hopping’ but you wouldn’t know it now!


Memorial day cruise 2009 054

Bob and I did the self-guided walking tour of Greenport today.  I want a house like this when we retire!



Memorial day cruise 2009 063

Memorial day cruise 2009 059

The deserted marina.  We are the only visiting boat here.

Memorial day cruise 2009 058

Memorial day cruise 2009 056 The gardens here are so ahead of what’s in bloom at home!  The roses are full of flowers, the iris are at their height, and as you can see there are cranesbill and daisies blooming.  This must be a luscious climate for gardening!

Now and Zen is here!  It’s always nice to come ashore and find a yarn shop! I bought two skein of Blue Sky alpaca/silk and a coordinating Koigu to make a scarf. 


Life Looms Large said...

Stuck in Greenport....but at least with a yarn shop, some beautiful houses and gardens!

We have another day of damp weather here....and it looks like you might have the same thing there too. I miss the sun!!

The rain is making our garden happy though.....


Vee said...

The garden looks similar to mine, I have a huge Johnson's Blue Cranesbill in full bloom. The blackeyed susan plants should follow, at least what's left of them after the bunnies have their fill :-)

Enjoy your weekend, hope the weather cooperates.