Monday, June 15, 2009

Idyllic Idle Sunday

Garden 6.14.09 005


A soft Sunday morning in June with a cup of capuccino, my Goddessknits mystery shawl in progress, and lots of blooming shrubs, vines and trees in view from the porch!  Does it get any better than this?


Garden 6.14.09 008


I was trying to capture how dramatic the light was.  There were ominous dark clouds, left over from yesterday’s deluge, and the first brilliant rays on sun hitting the clematis and andromeda while the maple tree nearby was still in deep shade!

Garden 6.14.09 012 A short while later there were blue skies and bright sun!  It’s been a glorious day, and I spent it all outside knitting and weaving!

My lace shawl is not worth photographing yet…it just grows into a larger spongy amoeba until I can block it…


(I tried, unsuccessfully, to include the word “idol’ as well.  I’m sort of a language nut…can’t help myself)


Jennifer said...

Yes a perfect Sunday! I', struggling getting the color drama in my photgraphs also. We've gotten a great deal of rain and the colors seem to be very rich this year. Or maybe I'm jsut enjoying them more!

K Spoering said...

Aren't porches wonderful! Our's is the most used 'room' in the summer!

Hilary said...

love your blog.....just found it, I am very impressed with your tapestry!

Kim said...

I idolize words myself... or at least try to broaden my skills when I can!