Friday, March 13, 2009

Unexpected Gifts!

Aren't unexpected gifts the best??

Well, this was actually expected, but I didn't know when it would arrive or what it would be! This is what I received from the gift exchange of the Traditional Knitting yahoo group. The rules were we had to knit something using yarn from our stash.This kitchen towel with the loop and button on top is a style that was quite prevalent when I was a kid! My mother had a few, and both my grandmothers had a lot of them! It brings back memories of wonderful times in the kitchen with my grandmothers, usually due to a special event like someone's birthday, so there was the anticipation of a freshly baked treat! I love the colors in this dishtowel and dish cloth set. Thank you to Stephanie, who made these for me!

My guild study group met at my house last night to look at some weaving sample books that are in our guild library. That was quite a treat. Some of the books were from the 1950s, and it was surprising to us that most of the samples had stood the test of time and were lovely fabrics we'd all love to weave!

The completely unexpected gift was this lovely bracelet from Elisa. It's loom woven, and she was experimenting with different ending finishes. Lucky me! It reminds me of Klimt paintings!

Today I am knuckling down on my Arwen cardi. The pieces are done so I will block them, then sew later today or tomorrow. Finally, I will work out the details of the collar I want to add: a sideways knitted version of the cable that is used on the center fronts and cuffs. I'm excited!


Life Looms Large said...

Love the new blog look! At first I wasn't sure where I was!!

Any gifts are great - and unexpected gifts are even better!

I love that beaded bracelet. I have a bunch of beads, and a little bead loom. I've done nothing with them. Seeing that bracelet makes me want to make something. I really love how there's a mixture of beads in that bracelet. Too cool!

Is your birthday in March or are you just lucky???


OzWeaver said...

Thank you, Sue! I had fun searching for free blog templates one day this week, and thought 'the cutest blog on the block' had quite a few tempting designs.

My birthday is not in March, which is what made getting presents so much fun! I hope you do something fun with your bead loom!