Sunday, March 15, 2009

Spring Clean-up

This is what I found when I began raking out the gardens yesterday!
(It's a clump of celandine poppies!)

And the next amaryllis is in bloom! I bought this bulb last year at the Philly Flower show because I loved the green and maroon striped flowers!

Today I've spent the morning working on the collar of Arwen, and after I do some errands I'll be back to work on the historic tapestry!


Life Looms Large said...

That is a really beautiful amaryllis - very interesting flowers!

Outdoor flowers trump indoor ones in my book right now - although my two yellow crocuses really look pitiful in real life - even though on my blog they look large and beautiful.

I just have one last row to knit on a sweater I'm making for Jim. Then tucking in all the ends and the type of stuff I hate doing. Must press on so he can wear it at least once while it's still winter!


Bonnie said...

I left you a little award over at my blog: