Sunday, March 8, 2009

Busy, busy....

I've wanted to post several times in the past two weeks, but didn't manage to squeeze it in! Now I have too much to say all at once!

I should be posting a photo of the finished Swallowtail shawl....but I'm not. When I attempted to block it I discovered my bind off was too tight to get the appropriate scallops. Rushing to finish made me forget to do the specified bind off, so it's rip, rip time for me. Hope to rip it today and get it blocked this evening.... I had to leave out the last pattern row in order not to run out of my handdyed indigo silk border!

Also, I've got a Hudson River design for my next tapestry! (Never mind that two tapestries are not finished yet, as I begin this one.) Soyoo photo shopped two images together for me so I could get what I wanted: a view of the Palisades with a Herreschoff NewYork 30 sailing by. I've warped up and started weaving. I will not weave the derelict pier and birds that are in the foreground.

Here are the two photos which were photo shopped together. As you can see, the Palisades image was flipped so that the light would be coming from the right direction.

That wonderful box of tapestry yarn was great to look at but quite a bear to wind into balls. The yarn is snarled and broken in many places, almost like it had been attacked by mice. It has been a horrible chore trying to wind it, and I've got 4 more skeins to go. I'd rather be weaving....


K Spoering said...

Wow, look at all that fun color you'll get to weave in the trees! No wonder you want to jump right into this one!

OzWeaver said...

You guessed it! It was the autumn color as well as those fun rocks that drew me to this...


Life Looms Large said...

I was just wondering what you were up to this past weekend....and then you posted!

That's a beautiful combination of photos. It will be great to watch the tapestry take shape!!

I'm suffering winding little balls of yarn right now too.....need 20 colors for a class on Wednesday.

Photoshop is pretty amazing. I need to get better with it - or better at talking my husband into photoshopping things for me....Hmmmm.


OzWeaver said...


Winding balls is not my favorite chore. Some people find it meditative, but I do not! I hope you got your 20 colors all wound.
And I hope your husband caters to all your photoshop needs!