Tuesday, December 30, 2008

New Year's Resolutions!

My husband is renovating my studio during his time off from work between Christmas and New Year. Lucky me!
We were certain that there was humidity behind the walls in my basement studio. The humidifier seems to run all year 'round, I often feel groggy after working down there for any length of time, and I have just the slightest inkling that some of my migraines occur after spending time down here. So it was no surprise to find moldy, damp cement when Bob cut the walls away yesterday. YUK!!
And, of course, my stuff is a mess! There was no place else in the house to move my looms and other equipment and stash, so we just crammed it into the rest of the room.

Here Bob is jackhammering a French drain to help with the moisture situation. To cut down on dust he's dexterously using one foot to guide the nozzle of the shop vac so most of the dust was whisked away!

Today's progress: walls freshly painted with dry-loc! Tomorrow Bob will build the vapor barrier, and then get started on putting studs up for the new wall, which will come out past the French drains. There will be a shelf where the old walls end and the new walls join. More places for me to put stuff!

I will need to pick out new flooring soon!

So what are my resolutions for the New Year? Stay tuned....right now I need to get off the computer!


Anonymous said...

a new floor for the new year, you lucky weaver!

OzWeaver said...

Cally, I do feel totally lucky. The walls were looking quite questionable (damp), and I have hated the floor for the entire 17 years we have lived here!

Knitman said...

Your man is one to keep. Mine is helping me sort out my 15 machines to start to sell them off now. A mammoth task. Your work looks fantastic.I couldn't weave physically, I only knit now, but certainly love to see the work.

OzWeaver said...

Colin, I do know how lucky I am. He's even telling me how much he's enjoying this nasty job! I'm curious about your "15 machines" and will go see what you're sorting shortly!

Knitman said...

I realise that my comment make sit seem like I used to weave. Sorry, never have done. My machines are all knitting machines.