Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Merry Ho! Ho!

Well, aren't there a LOT of demands on every one's time this month! Why would I be any exception....

Yesterday was the annual sheep party of a group of weavers in which I am a lucky member. There are only 10 of us, probably due to the burden of buying any more than 10 sheep gifts! I was the hostess this year....and the sheep presents were awesome! was the food and the company!

Here's my favorite sheep

And here's the funniest sheep, unshorn and shorn!

I am reluctantly knitting a Christmas stocking for my new daughter in law. I got the Ann Norling pattern years ago because I always wished my stocking was the nutcracker. My stocking is a snowman, made by my mother in law, who wanted me to have one just like the ones given to her children by their maternal great aunt. She also knit them for my two sons when they were born, but I believe we are the only family members who got them. Lucky indeed!.....until now, when I have to keep up this family traditon and make one for our newest member. Did I mention that I hate intarsia? Making myself work on this thing has been torture. I think I'd rather have a root canal. So much for the adorable nutcracker! I can't stand him now! Anyway, it's still not finished, although anything else with twice the work would have been done before Thanksgiving. I think I started the hateful thing around Hallowe'en, thinking it would be done in a week. Ah....I'd forgotten just how much I hated intarsia since I haven't done that technique in almost 20 years when I made Kaffe Fassett's "Jack's Back" and hated every minute of that!

So, every moment I work on anything else is loaded with guilt. I have now blown by two dates when I was supposed to deliver the stocking. I have knitting rage when I work on it, and that's really not good. In fact, I fear I am polluting the world with bad knitting karma every time I touch the thing. I'm not sure I can give it away full of such bad vibes. Hmmm....

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