Friday, December 19, 2008

Let the Holidays Begin

This is a wall hanging I did about a decade ago. It's 24" x 36" and hangs in my red kitchen all year long. I had never taken a photo of it until recently when someone asked to have some directions written for doing boundweave....
Guess who finished the nasty Christmas stocking today? That requires some celebrating! I immediately grabbed the most luxurious yarn I could -- "Sublime" cashmere/merino/silk -- and began knitting the "Fetching" fingerless mittens by Cheryl Niamath from the summer '06 issue of

Little progress made on any tapestries, but the most has been done on this one. I'm ready to start working on Rob's hand. Challenging!

Time to make the cookies and the toffee and wrap some presents.... it's almost Hannukah, Christmas, Saturnalia, and, best of all, the Winter Solstice! Let's all give a howl!

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K Spoering said...

The stocking looks great, even with all tha bad-intarsia-karma in it! I'm not fond of intarsia either. I made myself those mitts, and love them.
Have a good holiday season.