Friday, October 5, 2007

When Life Gets in the Way!

Life sure can throw some hard balls. I wish I were a good catcher, but my reaction is to cover my head and duck! Everybody's health seems so fragile these days. I'm not going to talk about it here, but it's a hurdle. Then there are the many joys of my volunteer jobs, which are great when everything runs smoothly and everyone is happy. It's no fun at all when the best plans and hard work don't actually come to fruition. Guess which one I'm experiencing now.

I'm also having my first experience at organizing a group show of handwoven tapestry. (This is why I've been trying to finish Buddha!) I've certainly got a lot to learn about running a show. I've had great help from really savvy people. One member made the postcard, and it's quite an eye catcher, don't you think? (And if you click on it you'll get to see a lot more detail. My, we have some awesome weavers in this group!) Here are the details.

I just finished Buddha, literally put in the last pick. I want to celebrate, but I feel a little overwhelmed because I still need to hem and mount him. I can't find the raw linen material I want to use for mounting. I've looked in all the easy places, so now it's time to really start digging.

The garden is a mess. My dog has cancer. Every Friday I drive him to Connecticut for chemo treatments, but today my car has some serious problems so I'm without wheels for the weekend. I'm home alone since my husband is away on business, and I'm feeling weird. I need to run away....well, on the positive side, I just went digging for that linen fabric and found it. I'll get to work now.

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