Thursday, September 13, 2007


I'm getting fixated on Buddha. He's come a "ways" this week. For me, a long way! I spent the whole summer worrying about his eyes, and not doing any work on them. Now I'm almost done with them! As usual, he needs the 10 foot rule. I'm a little worried about his very subtle eyebrows, but I'm going to tackle that in the coming week. If I delay I know I'll end up procrastinating for another season or more. But I do solemnly swear: NO more pictures of Buddha until he's finished!

Hmmm...the photo is odd. He doesn't have such a dramatic gold line under his eye, although I did put a little gold here and there near his mouth and that eye. On the original sculpture I imagined some lichen causing that coloration. The other odd thing about my photo is the sharp line of contrast between the bottom of his face and the upper section. It's more subtle than this shot portrays. Maybe I just had the camera too close. Right now my studio is SO messy I can't back up to take a better photo!

Something that has been bothering me the past couple of days is my Etsy listing at the side of this blog. Having those pictures seemed like shameless commercialism so I've taken them away. Good riddance! There's still a link to my Etsy shop if you care to look, but I just wasn't comfortable having the items posted there with prices. This is my blog, and it's not about selling stuff.

Lastly for today, I took a photo of the historical piece I'm working re-interpreting (re-inventing?). It's from one of the Devonshire tapestries. This boat is such a tiny part of an enormous tapestry, which actually has more to do with hunting than sailing. In the extreme background at the very top of the tapestry there is the shoreline with boats sailing away. This one drew my attention because of the little man onboard. You'll have to wait to see him....

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Cally said...

Buddha is looking amazing - I am quite in awe of your skill as an artist. His expression of serenity really holds my attention.