Monday, September 14, 2009


This month is always an emotional roller coaster for me.  On the one hand, the weather is magnificent! I have so many new plans and projects in the works that it makes my New Year’s resolutions look amateur!  We celebrate several wonderful family events, including birthdays and anniversaries. 

Last week one of my husband’s uncles turned 90, and he is as spry as the most youthful 70 year old! Both my husband’s parents will turn 80 at the end of the month, as well as celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary.  My father turns 75 today.  It’s a month with a lot of parties and large family gatherings. There is so much to celebrate… 

And here’s the balance.  I miss the quickly fading light as we hurtle toward winter.  I’m often overwhelmed by the demands of all the things I’ve promised to people, deadlines rushing toward me, obligations I wish I’d never made!

My younger son, who lives in Manhattan, went to the site of the World Trade Center on Friday, late in the day, after the services were done.  He took several moving photos there, but the one that haunts him, and now haunts me, was never taken.

I’ll preface it with these photos from the New York Times.sept. 11 2009 memorial 2 Sept 11 2009 memorial

The image he did not take is of a crew of men shoveling thousands of flowers into a dump truck.  The inevitable clean-up from such moving ceremonies….

Here is one of Chris’s photos from that afternoon.Chris. Sept. 11 2009 memorial

Such is September, a mix of celebration, reflection, sadness.  Over the weekend I learned that Chris has been friends with Annie Le and her fiance Jonathon throughout their four years at Univ. of Rochester.  Jonathon is at Columbia with Chris now.  Such an unspeakable tragedy.


Valerie said...

I know what you mean about September, even though we don't have many family celebrations in the month.

I feel like I "should" be getting so much more done in preparation for the days ahead. Yet, I cannot pass up just sitting and soaking up a sunny, clear skied day....we get so few of them in Michigan in the next 9 months.

Am so sorry for your son's loss of what appears to be a very sweet friend. My heart broke for her fiance' and family as the news story unfolded.

OzWeaver said...

Thank you, Valerie...
Chris has certainly been down lately.. I can't even imagine Annie's family, and Jonathon.

Oh, my....9 months without regular sunny days would definitely test my spirits! You should put off your chores until the days get much shorter!

Jennifer said...

I'm glad you have the good to help balance the bad. I'm sure your son is facing a great deal of sorrow right now. My takeaway for the picture not taken is how sad it is that we move on too quickly after the good and the bad. It's like we check it off the list and then clean up to go on to the next task. I hope Chris and Jonathan will be able to have some space to mourn completely.

OzWeaver said...


That's *exactly* it...we move on too quickly. Your comment really hit home and made me cry... it is so well stated.