Sunday, September 13, 2009

More Thrills

This one is a bit embarrassing to tell.  I was zipping along knitting one day near the end of our sailing trip, and I accidentally stabbed myself with my Signature stilletto-pointed needle.  You’d think I’d never held a needle before!  It was a fluke!  As I finished a row, the empty left hand needle slipped out of my grip.  For some irrational reason, I did not want to drop the needle…. it would only hit the cockpit sole, but I think subconsciously I must have thought I would lose it overboard!  I grabbed for it as quickly as I could. The needle managed to hit the cockpit bench on end with its tip standing straight up. My hand came straight down, and that stilletto tip went into my palm, dead center.  It actually hung there for a second or so before falling out, so I was impaled on my knitting needle!  It hurt,  but my laughter definitely took the edge off! I thought about taking a photo of my bleeding palm, but then thought better of it!

After 45 years of knitting I’ve had my first knitting accident.  Beware….


Life Looms Large said...

Ouch!!! I don't think any of my knitting needles are sharp enough to dig in - and I'm probably safer that way!

I did catch a kitchen knife as it was sliding off the counter. Big mistake!!! It didn't do too much damage, but there was blood and it was scary! I can be quite dangerous in the kitchen!

Glad you were able to laugh about it!


OzWeaver said...


I'd rather tangle with a knitting needle than a knife! You were lucky that it didn't do much damage...

Valerie said...

Ow! I keep socks in progress on dpn's near "my chair" in the family room and have always tried to make sure that the points are safely tucked away. Too easy to fall and get stabbed on them.

My worst knitting injury was knitting with 000 needles which finally poked a hole in the side of my right index finger from the repeated movement/pressure of pushing the loop off the needle. (I'm a continental style knitter most of the time.)

OzWeaver said...


I did do one project once on 0000s. I'm so glad I didn't impale myself on one of those! I can totally see how your ended up poking a hole in your index finger.

I haven't had any straight dpn mishaps, and I always have socks going. I'd better beware!