Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Launched into Summer

Well, I have not managed to learn how to make a photo collage. Everything technical is such a steep learning curve for me!

The garden is looking quite nice....the peonies have just opened, along with the pinks and cranes' bills and Siberian iris, while the bleeding hearts are fading. My weld is huge and just about to bloom so I'm looking forward to some dyeing! Hopefully I can rejuvenate my indigo vat and get some wild lime green like I saw at Vicki Fraser's studio two years ago!

My catalog for ATB7 arrived in the mail just before Chris' graduation. What a wonderful surprise to find part of Buddha's face on the cover! I'm very honored!

Wedding plans abound, Convergence is just around the corner, I've got homework from my Pre-Columbian workshop with Susan Martin Maffei, and three tapestries in various degrees of completion (one that is still in the design stage). My knitted kimono is almost done! It's sewn together and the knitted band is about 1/2 done. I'd like to wear it to the wedding shower in mid-June....next weekend! Yikes! I'm partially done with a silk kimono style vest that tempted me at the MD Sheep and Wool. It's a kit from Just Our Yarn. The only downer for me right now is that somehow I've caught a summer cold that's been making the rounds here.

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