Sunday, June 8, 2008

Found Time

It feels like I haven't had a moment for anything spontaneous in months. I've done lots of outrageously wonderful and fun things lately, but it's been all pre-scheduled and hurry, hurry, hurry! This weekend was to be no exception. It's both my 31st wedding anniversary and my husband's birthday. We had family come down for CT to have dinner Friday, and it was wonderful to sit in the back garden among the foxglove, peonies, iris and cranesbill as the evening turned to night.

To celebrate our anniversary, we spent Saturday at the Cloisters as you'll see below. It was 'garden days' with special tours planned every hour, some focusing on medicinal plants, plants for scent, and general tours. We arrived in time for one of the general tours, which included a stop inside in the room with the 'Hunt for the Unicorn' tapestry series. (I'd already gone in there to make sure I had my own visit since I never go to the Cloisters without visiting the tapestries!) I had not expected the tapestries to be included in a garden tour, and it was a pleasant surprise! The docent did an excellent job talking about the works. Everything she said about tapestry weaving was very accurate, although not terribly detailed (after all this was a garden tour), and she did a very credible job talking about the plants depicted in the tapestries and the sacred/secular underlying meaning of unicorns in medieval lore. It was an unexpected highlight! We finished the day with dinner at our favorite restaurant, which just happens to be in our town!
Today I was busy making plans for the another round of relatives who were coming for lunch, when we realized that we'd all misunderstood each other about where lunch was taking place! I was waiting for them to arrive for lunch in the garden, and they were waiting for us to arrive at our typical half-way meeting place on the shore of Long Island sound in Rowayton. It was too late for either of us to jump in the car to get to each other, so I've got an unexpectedly free afternoon! The first thing that comes to mind is spinning! And secondly, doing a little research on how to use the weld I have flowering in the garden this year, and the woad seeds I've just managed to obtain (not willing to admit where I got them just yet.....).....
So....without delaying anymore....I'm off to spin!

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