Sunday, March 9, 2008


In a few minutes I will download the most recent photos on my camera. There will be shots from the Philadelphia Flower Show taken during our visit on Wednesday last week, there will be shots of boat projects that my husband is currently doing, and there will be shots from an event we hosted on Friday evening at a restaurant in New York.....what there will not be is my son's 24th birthday which we celebrated with him yesterday. Ask me if this makes me sad, and I'll have to say yes. I'm feeling very sorry for myself right now that I let that landmark event go unrecorded. And please don't ask me how many birthdays I didn't record as it will just make me sadder still. We had a lovely day at Rob's house, but today I find myself so sad that I have nothing tangible to mark the event. I took the camera....I just never got it out of the case. Why is it so easy to photograph projects and so hard to photograph my family?

So, as you might guess, I'm in a bit of a funk today. I knitted for a couple of hours, working on the Shetland KAL that Elizabeth Lovick is leading for members the of EZ as Pi yahoo group. It's my first traditional shetland shawl, and so far, since I've only got 320 stitches in each round now, I find the knitting easy. It's more logical than anything else. Let's see if I say that when there are 1,000 stitches on the needle and the pattern gets algebraically more complex!

The highlight of my day was spending an hour weaving the clerical stole while listening to an episode of Cast-On. I'm deliciously behind on listening, so I might be able to weave the entire stole while catching up. It's hard to sit at the loom and mindlessly weave when all the color choices, warping, beaming, threading, and sleying are done. There's nothing left now but the rather tedious process of weaving off the six yards of material. In my funk it was very hard to go down and do it....but Brenda Dayne made it pleasurable!....and got me out of my funk for a whole hour!

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