Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, there you have it. I was too bummed out last week to even look at the photos I'd taken in Philadelphia until today. Here they are! The theme was New Orleans Jazz. I've decided that indoor flower shows are very weird: I can't get used to the artificial lights and the harsh accoustics. It is nothing like being

outside. I guess if one is really, really desperate for spring this is a pretty good substitute for the real thing. I don't mind the seasons too much, though I always get tired of both winter and summer before they are quite done. Spring and autumn are never long enough! This flower covered mannequin reminds me of Project Runway. There was an episode in a previous year when the designers had to get their materials from a florist! They didn't get a big enough budget to make anything like this!

Here is the view from our hotel room just after dawn. It was a lovely get away even if I'd always prefer a garden show outside!

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