Monday, November 5, 2007

Busy, Busy

Yesterday I visited the annual "Lace Day" of the Metro Chapter of the International Old Lacers. They have a course of study to learn Torchon lace which I started last year. I made the first pattern which is so simple it's embarrassing! Even though there was not a course for the second pattern, the President of the group very patiently helped me set up that pattern and get started. It's a lot more challenging than the first exercise!
This is not quite the pattern I'm doing, but it's simlar. The scallop edge that I'm doing is an oblique interlacement, whereas here it's vertical and horizontal, like regular weaving. I have very little "background" netting, and my sewing edge is also narrower than this. If I get proficient at this pattern I would love to make handkerchief edging. I'd have to learn how to turn corners.

I'm completely weak in the knees for lace hankies! How awesome to gain the skills to make one!

This afternoon I planted my garlic, total wishful thinking for next year! My garlic never grows into the large bulbs I get at the farmers' market, but I'm forever hopeful that my garlic ship will come in next year! Most likely it doesn't get enough sun where I plant it. Today I put the bulbs in a garden that a family of woodchucks has enjoyed all summer. I'm hoping the garlic is too smelly for them, but I guess I'll have to wait and see. My weld is there, and they haven't touched that. Absolutely nothing else has survived there!

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