Monday, June 14, 2010

Where will you weave this summer?

Yikes!….I wrote this two weeks ago and somehow didn’t post it….

A successful few days of weaving while on board our sailboat, Pandora, has me thinking about where other weavers work during their travels.  What comes to mind first is a wonderful travelogue tapestry by Susan Martin Maffei that chronicles a train trip she took from New York westward across the country.  It’s a multi-panel work with 2” x 2” tiny tapestries mounted on the panels, depicting the landmarks and landscapes of her trip. Susan has also brought small copper pipe looms on airplanes and woven while in flight!

I imagine many weavers must bring looms on vacation (floor and table looms as well as frame looms for tapestry), and I’d like to know where you will be weaving this summer!  If you read this, please consider leaving a comment of where you plan to weave while you are away from home!  I’d like to picture all the wonderful places where weavers will be working on their projects.  I might make a map (if I can figure out how!) showing all the vacation weaving places I hear about.  Or if you plan to blog about your summer weaving, send me a link! 

I have just returned home this morning from a trip along the Chesapeake.  It started in Williamsburg (by car!) with a visit to my parents and some friends, and ended with a week of sailing in the Chesapeake.  For my part in this summer weaving list, I can say that I worked on my current tapestry in St. Michael’s harbor, Maryland, and at a lovely anchorage off Gibson Island in the Magothy River, also Maryland.

St. Michaels harbor

St. Michaels harbor on the eastern shore of Maryland.


Bonnie said...

I will be weaving in the Garden of 1000 Buddhas located in the heart of the Flathead Indian reservation in Western Montana

OzWeaver said...

Regarding Bonnie's response: Does it get any better than this? I'm picturing Big Sky country and a beautiful garden, a place to contemplate and perhaps get centered...and to top it off, having a loom at hand. Wow...

Life Looms Large said...

I doubt I'm doing any weaving away from home this summer. (I'm actually having doubts/consternation about even getting weaving time at home.)

In winter I can make weaving a top priority, but in the summer it falls farther down the list and I don't get to spend the time I want to.

Hopefully your blog (and others) will help inspire me to get back to the loom!