Thursday, March 4, 2010


The second amaryllis to bloom this year is ‘Apple Blossom.’  It’s almost my favorite!  I cannot remember the name of the one that opened first this year.  It was a variety that I had to search out at the Philly Flower Show a couple of years ago, and now I’ve forgotten it’s name (no label in the pot either!)…

Greenhouse 3.04.10 001

A few signs of spring in the greenhouse! 

Greenhouse 3.04.10 002



More amaryllis in bud



Greenhouse 3.04.10 003Color in the greenhouse:
peach dragon wing begonia in foreground with peach blooming albutilon (flowering maple) just behind it. A few magenta geranium flowers in background, and a purple flowering bromeliad in the upper left. 

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Michelle said...

We have an Apple Blossom in full bloom right now, too; it's breathtaking. But Brian is SURE that it was red last year, and has changed! Eight-year-olds think they know it all....