Friday, February 26, 2010

Minnesota? No, New Jersey!

I have to interrupt my weaving and knitting updates to comment on the weather.  What a lot of snow we have gotten this month!  Supposedly it is going to snow here for  three days straight.  I’m not sure that has happened in my lifetime!  It snowed heavily all day yesterday, and is snowing lightly this morning.  Will it really continue through tomorrow?

When my husband uses the snow blower, he loves to make a wall of snow.  Can you tell he is quite proud of his creation?

2. 26. 2010 snow 022

2. 26. 2010 snow 024

I’m looking forward to staying home today, nestled in to weave!2. 26. 2010 snow 011 Meanwhile, spring arrives in the house with the first of the amaryllis in bloom!

Feb. 2010 012


Michelle said...

I don't think I've ever seen such an exotic-looking amaryllis! Brian's is starting to open; this is the first bulb we've managed to over-summer and enjoy again.

OzWeaver said...

This amaryllis is one of my favorites. I had never seen one like it before either. We saw it two years ago at the Philly Flower Show in a display, and I noted the name so I could buy it at one of the vendors. It bloomed last year, but this year has gotten bigger and has two flower spikes! Fun!

K Spoering said...

That wall of snow is impressive! And your faces are looking great!

Life Looms Large said...

That wall of snow is impressive even by NH standards!