Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Late, as usual!

This Saturday will be the closing reception of The Wednesday Group’s exhibition “Henry’s Hudson” at ASK! (Artists’ Society of Kingston).  I guess I’d better post some photos from the opening reception!

Wed. Group Kingston opening 022






Archie, standing next to his tapestry, which is already sold.


Wed. Group Kingston opening 016






Susan standing with Betty Vera, and hey!..that’s my little Hudson River piece right between them.

 Wed. Group Kingston opening 007

One of my favorite pieces from the show, by Annelisa DeCoursin.






Several pieces in this show are real knockouts, but my camera battery was dying so I missed getting some of them.  The opening was well attended, probably our biggest crowd yet!  And ASK! is definitely the best venue we’ve had.  The space is perfect!

Wed. Group Kingston opening 027 Eleven of the fourteen Wednesday Group members standing in front of Susan’s powerful work “Taxi!” (All those yellow spots are taxis!) Archie and Susan are back row, left side.  Helen and Alta, who master minded this exhibit, are front row left.  I am in the center.  It was a fun evening!


Valerie said... there anything better than good fiber friends!?

I love the assuming it's tapestry?

OzWeaver said...


Yes, all the works in this exhibit are handwoven tapestry. Lise does wonderful wildlife tapestries that have such a happy aura about them!

Life Looms Large said...

Beautiful work in the show! From trying to make the pictures bigger, I see that the taxi cab piece has a lot of little dots!

Your Hudson River piece, far in the distance, looks great too.

I'm really bad about getting to exhibits close to when they open. I just had to sort through things I want to see and decide what I have time for and put it in my calendar. Otherwise I'll miss them entirely. So to me, it seems totally normal for you to put pictures up as something is about to come down!!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Michelle said...

And it's fun to see YOU! :-)