Friday, August 21, 2009

Clifton Arts Center

Clifton Postcard front

Clifton Postcard back

Well, I guess these aren’t the clearest photos.  I have not got these postcards in hand yet, just the digital file with poorer resolution than hoped!

The Details:  Tapestry: Ancient Art for Modern Times
                   Clifton Arts Center Gallery
                   900 Clifton Avenue
                   Clifton, NJ  07013

              September 23 – October 31
              Gallery hours: 1pm – 4pm, Wed. thru Sat.

Okay, I posted this because I’m tooting my own horn.  How shameless!  Out of the 16 images on this card, four of them are mine!  This has never happened to me before so I’m reveling a bit!

Here are the image credits:
Top row: Helen Gold, Alta Turner, Helen Gold, Don Burns (all works from ‘Not Gone for Baroque’ collaborative piece)
2nd row: Alta Turner, AnnaByrd Mays, Don Burns, Brenda Osborn (moi!) (again, these works are from ‘Not Gone for Baroque’ collaborative piece)
3rd row: AnnaByrd Mays, Brenda Osborn, Susan Martin Maffei, and Barbara Burns (all individual works)
Title row:  Brenda Osborn (my Stone Buddha!)
Bottom row: Carol Bitner, Annelise DeCoursin, Brenda Osborn

Now…back to my regular life of chores…..


Jennifer said...

You should toot your own horn! Congrats!

Life Looms Large said...

Very cool! Congrats!!!