Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fallen Woman

I'm a fallen woman! I only made it 6 weeks before falling prey to a yarn purchase!

What would you do in my situation? I read on my tapestry list that Weaving Southwest was discontinuing its fine singles tapestry yarn. ....never to be had again. Oh, I wish I could post the colors I ordered, with luscious names like Chokecherry, Ganado, Red Willow, Caramel, Pinon and Spruce. I can't wait to open that box!

And I have to say this has been a particularly hard 6 weeks. I've spent too much time trying to think of ways I could get yarn without actually buying it! I asked my husband to buy me yarn for Valentine's day (he said, "why don't we just go out to dinner instead."). I offered to send my sister money and a list of yarns I wanted. I've been getting more and more uptight as the weeks go by. Deep down I knew I'd never last a whole year... truthfully, I don't feel that guilty!

I worked on Rob's hand at Soyoo's today. Finally all the 'dotty' shapes turned into a hand! I like it! Here are two of Soyoo's rules: when shading within a shape (in this case, Rob's hand) always include most of the colors from the previous colorway. And to unify a piece use one color throughout. In this case the bright and deep golds of the background will be used anywhere there is light to give a sense of the wonderful golden light of sunset falling on everything.

A little project making a temari ball. I made a few more than 25 years ago (where does the time go?), but decided to join a group of friends to make a few more. Our time together is a great learning session, because we are following a plan, starting with the first exercise in the Diana Vandervoort book and working through the different techniques in order.


K Spoering said...

The tapestry is looking wonderful! And such a bargain on yarn should never be passed up... think of what you saved!

Life Looms Large said...

Not to be a yarn enabler...but your last chance to buy that yarn that you know you'll love.....who would even want to pass that up?!?

Thanks for the explanation of tapestry techniques for unifying a piece, and for shading within a shape. One of my weaving buddies has been looking for a tapestry teacher, and I think they're hard to come by in our neck of the woods. Thanks for letting me learn virtually!

The tapestry is looking good by the way!!!


Jennifer said...

The tapestry is amazing. I look forward to seeing it finished.

I don't think you fell from purchasing the yarn. Was the point of depriving yourself not to gain control? You chose wisely in this case!

OzWeaver said...

Jennifer's comment made me laugh out loud!...and I'm still smiling. I did choose well in buying the tapestry yarn, but I'm not sure about my control... well, that's got me thinking. And Kathy and Susan said it was such a deal...and it was!