Sunday, August 17, 2008


Scallopini is done! Part of me thought I was nuts to attempt to complete a sweater while getting ready for my son's wedding, and part of me thought it might just be the thing to save my sanity while getting ready for the wedding! As it turns out, neither was quite right! I have not even been close to losing my sanity, and there's been plenty of time to enjoy making this cute cardigan! Thank you MinnowKnits!

I've tidied up the gardens this weekend after being in Maine for a couple of weeks. This activity was not just for my own enjoyment, although I've enjoyed sitting outside two nights this weekend watching the gardens fade at dusk and glow in the light of candles after dark, but also in preparation for the UN-rehearsal dinner we will hold on Thursday evening. The resort where the wedding will take place does not allow time/space for rehearsals, yet we still wanted to have a gathering of everyone involved in the wedding party. So 30 people will be here to kick off the wedding celebrations! After an 18 month engagement, it's really hard for me to believe that the wedding takes place this week! I have butterflies!...not from worries, just from sheer excitement!

I will give this little sweater to my niece at the UN-rehearsal dinner, along with her strand of pearls, her gift for being the flower girl. One Sunday afternoon a few weeks back the bride and I made pearl necklaces and earrings for all the females in the wedding party. This is Madison's.

Let the fun begin!

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