Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Wake Up Different!

I have been waking up different since the ATA Workshop. I have some good design ideas floating around and have assembled the tools I need to begin working with them. Have I done this yet? Well, I'm not perfect!

My photos from Convergence are kind of strange. Since there was no photography allowed in any of the exhibits my photos are all bits and pieces of other things, mostly the ATA Workshop. As part of registration at Convergence we all got a CD with images from the various exhibits, including the fashion show after it was hung as an exhibit. I still have not looked at the CD because I'm saving it for a quiet, special time! Ha! I may never get to look at it!

At ATA, Joan Baxter brought lots of images of her work and many samples. The samples do a great job conveying how she works to create such a wonderful sense of transparency. I'm smitten by her use of color and shape in creating that illusion. I do know that if I'd been in her class I would turned into a 'Joan Baxter clone,' something fate kept me from doing!

Joan lives on the northern coast of Scotland which definitely influences her work. I'd love to visit someday, and I'd love to spend a few days (or weeks) studying with her, once I've squelched my desire to be just like her.

This is a photo I took of a postcard of one of Joan's tapestries, so the quality is not what it should be. Still, it just stops me in my tracks, rivets me. I can barely tear myself away!

So.....I'm off to work on my own designs!

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callybooker said...

I love Joan Baxter's work too! I had to kick myself hard last year as she came to speak to the Dundee Embroiderers' Guild (no, I don't embroider but my mum signed me up!!) but I was struck down with the 'flu and had to miss it. Curses.