Wednesday, February 13, 2008


Almost finished frogging the Muir before I realized that I should at least take a photo. This yarn is Alfabeto from Art Fibers in San Francisco. It is 76% silk, 19% mohair, and 5% wool. It doesn't rip out easily, and I sure hope I remember that little edge picots should be avoided in future unless I'm working with very smooth yarn! On the other hand, this yarn simply will not break no matter how much tugging I do! Two out every four rows begins in a picot which I have to tease apart with a blunt tapestry needle. I console myself that it is somewhat faster than the actual knitting!

If I need to supplement yarn to re-make this as a Swallowtail Shawl I will buy some coordinating Sylph.

Okay, I'm heading downstairs to start threading the clerical stole warp!


Anonymous said...

When you get going, you really get going, don't you? Don't forget to eat and sleep!

BadCatDesigns said...

Hi Brenda! Please accept my apologies, but Tag, you're it. See my blog for the terrible details...