Thursday, May 31, 2007

Shameless May!

I can only use this title "Shameless May" if I get this published before midnight! Yes, you guessed's May 31st. Where have I been for the last six weeks? Well, it's been pretty exciting. I've been to England and Scotland for almost three weeks, and I've been sailing in the Chesapeake Bay for the long Memorial Day weekend. Not a bad life, is it? Believe it or not, aside from the UK, I would always rather stay home and weave, knit or spin. I know. I have an addiction! And you see, in the UK, I did get to spin and knit. ....

I guess for once I have more pictures than words. I think for most people this is a good thing. I can easily spew out more than a thousand words for every picture I take for this blog. Perhaps the best thing today is to share a few photos from England and a few from my garden. I have spent my very short time at home in the garden the last few days. So there's been no weaving anyway.... I have been spinning mohair on a drop spindle and working on a new knitting project with yarn I bought in England. Have I tackled those other unfinished knitting projects? I haven't even given them a thought. I'm a yarn slut. It's not pretty....but it's May and
my garden is!

And here is a picture of my friend Lesley and me at Isaac Newton's house, appropriately named Woolesthorpe. Yes, there were sheep!

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