Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Lost Posts

I wrote two posts recently and saved them as drafts so that I could add pictures. Bob was out of town with the camera both times, and I was waiting to have access to it. Now both posts are gone. Obviously it's human error, but I can't imagine what I did since the "save as draft" button is as big as life, and the only other button is "publish" which certainly didn't happen since the posts are missing!

We are going through another bout of absurdly cold weather. It was only about 15-degrees F today, with snow. It's not the snow I mind at all! I couldn't bring myself to work in my basement studio. Even if the heat is on down there it just feels cold.

I've added another link at the bottom of the page. It's the online guild I joined at the new year. What a great group! Every month there is a new online workshop to join, with lots of online lessons and homework. I got a calendar with photos of members' work which is just lovely, and the calendar is perforated so that the photos can removed and saved when the calendar is no longer useful. And lastly, I received a printed journal from this group with interesting articles and terrific photographs. I had no idea that there would be a journal included in my dues. This is a great group and membership is quite a good deal.

Since this month's workshop is weaving Summer & Winter, I'm posting a photo of a project Bob and I did together a couple of years ago, in honor of both our parents' 50th wedding anniversaries. I wove the polychrome S&W cloth on my AVL. What a bear pegging the treadling sequences! I should have woven it on my 8H jack loom with a skeleton tie-up. I thought I was being so clever to put it on the AVL, but it was actually one of the stupidest things I've ever done! Well,"experience is what you get..."

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