Thursday, February 15, 2007

Weaving Shoes!

I belong to quite a few Yahoo lists, and I can become quite involved in searching for some product that someone posts. Most recently there was a discussion on WeaveTech about shoes for weaving. One woman was traveling to Boston and found these shoes: Well, I HAD to have a pair, didn't I? It was so hard to choose!I ended up choosing a pattern called "Metro Retro," but there were at least four other patterns that tempted me! I know I will have to order at least one other pair in the future since the choices are just too fun!

I did wear these in public once (because they'd just arrived and I couldn't resist), but from now on they will be "indoors only" so they won't scratch the treadles on any of my looms.

So here's what I'm weaving while wearing these shoes. These are dishtowels. The pattern is a color and weave technique, a real "no brainer" from the Yarn Barn catalog. I am using two threads together of both tan/greys and reds. The two reds are one 8/2 unmercerized cotton in deep burgundy and one brigther red in 22/2 cottolin. The tan/greys are one thread of 8/2 unmercerized grey and one thread of natural linen colored cottolin. Hopefully these towels will have good absorbency! I am weaving the last towel now.

This first picture shows the cloth beam at the back of my AVL with the warp (behind the harnesses) above it. The next picture is at the front of the loom where I'm weaving:

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